Fun Facts About Airplane Bathrooms


Are you planning to travel this upcoming holiday season? Well here are some fun facts about the airplane bathrooms just to help you reconsider using them mid flight or hey, it might help you appreciate them more!

1. In the 1930s-1940s, people using to do their business in a box!

2. The British had a toilet in the 30s that opened to the sky

3. Charles Lindbergh tinkled during his 33-hour flight over France

4. Frozen poop was an issue in the 1980s that fell from the sky and smashed roofs, car windows and more. Imagine explaining that to your car insurance company!

5. Airbus toilets can reach poo speeds of 130 mph! That's some fast poo! 

6. The size of the bathrooms are getting smaller to accommodate more passengers

7. Boeing by 2016 created a self-cleaning bathroom that helps kill bacteria.

So does this make you want to travel more or less?!

Can You Spot The Hidden Robin?
Can You Spot The Hidden Robin?
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