I’ll be honest, this past year was not an easy one for me. It was definitely a “find yourself” transition year. I found myself dealing with extreme stress and anxiety and couldn’t find the motivation to get out of the funk. SO, over the last 4 months I REALLY invested in getting healthier mentally. I will share more in detail about the things that really helped me get out of a funk but there is one thing I did that I couldn’t wait to share! 

Let me start by saying I’m not a big book reader. But, I was desperate to get into a healthier state of mind. SO, I went on IBooks and looked in the self help section..  After some scrolling, this one caught my eye. I said, why not. Lets check it out. I downloaded the audio book version. Normally, I don’t like to listen to books but when I just imagined it as a podcast, it was really easy to digest. 

Let me tell you, after reading this book, my life is CHANGED FOREVER!

I was someone that hated going to the gym, I procrastinated everything, and I was insecure with parts of my job. I always told myself I WANTED to change, I just couldn’t find the drive or motivation to. For example, I would say things like “GOSH I know all the things I need to do to get fit, I just don’t have the mental capacity to do it. I am not going to ever be one of those people”


Once I learned about The 5 Second Rule, I knew my life was going to flip 180. This book teaches you quite literally, the 5 second rule. It explains how your brain only needs 5 seconds to change your life. 

Since reading the book I NEVER hit the snooze button anymore, I make it to the gym AT LEAST 4 days a week, I have become a more present mother, a more relaxed wife, and a more confident empolyee. 

Buy it. Download it. Listen to it. It’s time to invest in yourself. 


5 second rule
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