Did You Know The Color Of Your Tongue Can Determine Your Health?


Did you know that the color of your tongue can tell you something about your health? Not talking about blue or red or green tongues because of candy but without anything - just a normal tongue. According to this article from Men's Health, your tongue can tell doctors a lot about what is going on with your body!  

 “I have had patients that noticed a color change on the tongue and Googled what it means, and scared themselves silly by finding really dangerous conditions, when the real cause was that they took a medication for an upset stomach that changed the tongue color for a few hours,” saysDr. Lee Gause, DDS, founder and dentist at Smile Design Manhattan.

For example, “a grey coating can be related to Gastritis or Peptic Ulcer, while a brown coating is often correlated with lung issues."

People who smoke get white tongues called Leukoplakia which is from the cigarette smoke.

A sign of stress will show on the tip of your tongue - it will be red. 

Black and hairy tongues sound gross but you can prevent this but brushing & flossing multiple times a day. This happens because of lack of hygiene and bacteria. Super gross. 

If you have liver disease, your skin tends to turn yellowish and same happens with your tongue. 

Blue tongues mean you have heart or blood pumping issues. And pale means you are lacking nutrition. 

How interesting is this? Who would have thought it was that important to regularly check your tongue color?!

Remember, a healthy tongue is light pinkish color and if you notice it being different for a period of time, let your doctor know because when gastritis or a peptic ulcer hits, it will take you down. 

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