Should Your Significant Other Be Your Phone Background?

Should your significant other be your phone background? Interesting question huh? I never really thought about this being something of an issue or weird or even adorable. I just did it because that is the person I want to see when I turn my phone on. 

Here are a few interesting comments featured on Vox. 

I have my boyfriend as my phone background but only the home screen. I also generally pick a photo where he’s not the main focus. So he’s there somewhere but covered by apps most of the time.” —Alex Yakacki, has been dating his boyfriend for one year and eight months

I have a picture of my boyfriend and I as my phone lock screen, but more because I hate the generic options Apple provides.” —Meg Shields, has been dating her boyfriend for six years

“Who makes their significant other their iPhone background? I do not think happy couples do this. It’s like all that science that says happy couples don’t post about each other on social media that much, because you’re not trying to prove something.” —Nisha Chittal, has been with her husband for seven years

“1) Gross. 2) Do you seriously forget what your partner looks like that you need to have them as your phone background? 3) My roommate has her boyfriend as her phone background and I was like, ‘Could you be any more heterosexual?’ I don’t hate love, I swear!” —Marine Gonzalez

You can read more of the answers HERE! But what do you think? Is your partner your background picture on your phone?

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