What Does A Messy Desk Say About You?


Before you grab a trash can to dump everything on your desk into, check out this article from Bustle about what having a messy desk says about you. 

"According to a new study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences by researchers at the University of Michigan, a messy office makes you come off as kind of neurotic and cranky."

Huh... that kind of makes sense I guess. Sure explains a lot about my coworkers or wait myself! Hahahaha.

Okay, maybe you should grab that trash can ASAP!

But then again it kind of has a double meaning - a messy desk could also mean "you could be a super positive, loving, and motivated genius, there might be some benefits to clearing out the clutter if you want to make the best impression possible. β€œIn everyday life, if people think that a person might be careless, cranky, and uncaring because [their] office is very messy, then these impressions could subsequently impact how β€” or even whether β€” they decide to deal with [them] in the future, either on a personal or professional basis,” 

So yeah, let's go with the fact that my messy desk makes me a genius! 

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