Having A Dog Helps You Live Longer


Having a dog usually says a lot about you - loyal, caring, and so forth. But having a dog actually has more benefits than what meets the eye! 

There is a new study out that says owning a dog helps people have a stronger heart and helps them to live longer according to Mental Floss!''

"According to a Swedish study published in Scientific Reports in 2017, dog owners have a reduced risk of death compared to non-owners."

And if you live by yourself, the benefits are even better! "Dog ownership is associated with a 33 percent reduction in mortality risk and an 11 percent reduction in the risk of heart attacks compared to individuals who live alone and don’t have a dog."

In a full house, families who have dogs have a 11% risk of death from heart issues.

It also depends on what kinds of dogs too - "retrievers, terriers and scent hounds showed the lowest rates of cardiovascular disease."

Interesting huh?! Makes you really think about the impact of having a dog as well as some evidence to convince you to get one!

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