Sleeping In A Cold Room Is Better For You


It might be winter right now and the one thing we all love to do is put the heat on and get super cozy in our blankets while we can! But according to Simplemost, it's actually better for you to sleep in a cold room!

"Over a 24 hour period, our body temperatures naturally peak and decline. Our internal temperature is usually at its highest in the early afternoon and lowest around 5 a.m. When we fall asleep, our bodies naturally cool off. Helping keep your body get to that lower temperature faster can encourage deeper sleep."

The reason is so that you get better sleep. 

But here are the benefits:

1. Fall Asleep Faster

2. More Quality Rest

3. Appearance Is More Youthful

4. "Decrease Your Risk Of Certain Metabolic Diseases"

What is better for you - better quality sleep or warmth?! It's just so cold right now that a cold room seems like torture! But hey, I think the benefits out way the cold! 

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