Teens Are Apparently Boiling Used Tampons


I follow up on all the different kinds of trends out there and challenges but the latest round of them has me concerned. We had the Tide Pod Challenge and the Birdbox Challenge which if you follow around as well, you know all about it. There is actually a new one today that just sounds incredibly disgusting! 

Teens are boiling USED tampons in water and then drinking it to get high according to Seventeen Magazine.

"It's actually not the blood, but the gel inside the pads and tampons that get the teens high. They prefer to use unused products when they can (obviously), but when they grow desperate, they have to resort to taking used sanitary devices out of the garbage."

Oh so they can use un-used ones but apparently when in a tight situation they will use used one! Um no thank you.  How do they even think about doing this?! 

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