People Who Have Dogs Are Healthier


There is another new study out there that has found that people who have dogs are healthier according to Bustle.

How do dogs make people healthier?

- They help kids develop immunities to allergens - according to American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology - they found that if dogs are in households for kids from birth to about 10 years old, they are exposed to certain allergens like dander and stuff that animals carry that make it less of an issue when the kid grows up whereas someone with out that dog in their life, they tend to sneeze around them.

- They help you sleep better - Mayo Clinic found that if dogs sleep in your room you get a better quality sleep due to companionship that creates warmth and their snoring creates a calming effect.

Maybe these things will help you reconsider about finally getting that 4-legged friend!

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