How To Say 'No' To Your Friends

Sometimes we find ourselves in sticky situations when it comes to our friends. They invites us out or something but sometimes we just aren't up for it but feel like we have to go to make them happy. According to Bustle, it's actually okay to say no and not feel that guilt.

Question is, how?

There are 5 ways

1. Be Honest - tell them you are busy or not up for it

2. Be Nice But Firm - don't back down but do it nicely

3. Figure Out Why You Would Feel Bad About It

4. Be Human

5. No Means No - "Sometimes a great test of the quality of a friendship can be to say 'No' to something. If you do so with respect and consideration for your friend's feelings, and they react in such a way as to make you feel bad or threaten to end the friendship, then perhaps it isn't a friendship you need in your life anyway".

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