Arizona bill to make personal finance class requirement for high schoolers


Guys this is pretty legit! Arizona Law makers are working to introduce a bill to make personal finance classes a requirement for local high school students. It will teach teenagers the responsibility of having finances. How to save, different banking options, how to manage debt properly, how to build credit. ALL THE THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW AS AN ADULT!

We think this is an INCREDIBLE idea and something that would benefit our future generations IMMENSELY!!

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Some Arizona lawmakers are pushing to improve the financial literacy and personal finance management skills of high school students in the state.

SB 1184would give the state board the opportunity to consider creating a required personal finance course for Arizona high school students to graduate.

Under the bill, financial literacy and personal financial management would have to be taught as part of the required economics credit needed to graduate.\

A rizona state Treasurer Kimberly Yee supports the bill introduced by Republican state Sen. Sylvia Allen who also chairs the Arizona Senate Education Committee.

Yee,according to a release from the Arizona State Treasurer's Office, was among students, teachers, parents who testified in support of the bill in front of the committee during a Tuesday hearing.

Yee said it's important to teach high school students the essentials of personal finance before they enter the "real world." She said the essentials included balancing their checkbooks and understanding credit.

"This bill will give students the critical, basic life skills to manage their money and have the financial freedom to accomplish anything after," she said.

The bill passed through the committee with a unanimous vote, and will go in front of the full Senate for consideration, a release said.

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