My Travel Experience To Rocky Point - Puerto Penasco

This weekend we had a magical time in Rocky Point, Mexico! I received several messages about advice for traveling to Puerto Penasco! (Rocky Point)

Disclaimer: This is the first time my family and I have gone so my advice might not be as great as a seasoned vet but I got some good stuff!

Okay, I'll be honest.. I was nervous about visiting Rocky Point. I was paying attention to all of the noise about how dangerous it was and how they just found a grave with 42 bodies in it and this and that. BUT I am so glad I decided to not let that get in the way of our great weekend. I grew up going to Mexico so I was mad at myself for even having the slightest bit of anxiety about it! LOL

After visiting I realized, It is no more dangerous than America. As long as you are SAFE and SMART and don't go looking for trouble or going into areas you are unfamiliar with YOU WILL BE GREAT! For Example, don't roam the streets at 3 am drunk (just like you wouldn't in America). Or don't start driving down alleys you don't need to.

Okay, I will be listing out my advice.

  1. ALL ADULTS NEED A PASSPORT. NO EXCEPTIONS. As for kids, that is debatable. Some people say kids HAVE to have the passports, others say just the travel card, or just birth certificates (under the age of 16). I am not going to tell you what documentation to travel with but I will say that they didn't even check the kids documents when we were crossing. Take that as you will.
  2. The drive there was easy peasy. About 4 hrs. Caution- Ajo, Arizona has a lot of police officers so drive the speed limit. It's only about a 10 mile stretch. ALSO, once you cross the border the small city of Sonoyta also has A LOT of police officers (this city is also small and you will get through it quickly so be patient and don't speed) Make sure you stop at every STOP sign. After we passed Sonoyta, we followed the flow of traffic and were fine. (Speed is in KILOMETERS) Rocky Point is about an hour from the border. We used GOOGLE MAPS to get there. Plug in the address before you leave and the directions will stay up even while in spots with no service.
  3. I recommending a Rocky Point Facebook group. The members are usually people that travel there frequently or currently live there. I can't tell you how many Americans live in Rocky Point! And how many we talked to while there. They are living the dream! The Facebook group I am in is called- Puerto Penasco Fans and Community. They provided so much helpful info!
  4. We rented a house in the CASA DIAMENTE RESORT on SANDY BEACH. I am telling you, it was the CLEANEST and most QUIET beach I have ever been to! The water was clear and we were able to swim! Even in November!
  5. The house we rented comfortably fit 15 people and we cooked all of our own food in the house. We shopped in Arizona and brought the food over in coolers. The resort was a gated community with guards and everyone had to have a wrist band. It was a great sense of security. The community pool was great too!
  6. We didn't go into the town but I received a GREAT list of recommendations I will be happy to share, just message me on instagram @priscillaqod
  7. Again, just be smart and enjoy! It is such a great get away for the family! Check out the video my husband Michael made so you can see the beach and the resort!

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