Cards For Kids Returns For 2019 & We Need Your Donations!

IT'S TIME FOR CARDS FOR KIDS and this year we are more excited than ever!

This is our 5th annual Cards For Kids event and our mission is to take it up a notch and instead of giving $25 gift cards to students at select title 1 schools that are 90% free or reduced lunch, we are giving each kid a FIFTY DOLLAR GIFT CARD! Yes, you read that right, $50 gift card! We are passionate about this mission because we want to give kids the power to make their own gift giving decision.

BUT we need YOUR help raising the money! With the money raised Mathew and Priscilla will purchase a gift card for each student at chosen Title 1 schools! And because you guys have been so generous in the past, this year we are dreaming big! We want to gift $50 gift cards to every kid AND teacher in select 2 Title One Schools

Please take a look at what you helped us do last year and then click on the link below, which will take you directly to the WorldlyKids, INC page (A secure non-profit site) where you can see the holiday cards that were designed by a kid AND you can make your donation for this year.


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