School is Back, Here's What to Expect

Priscilla's girls started school a little earlier than most, so she's got the inside scoop of what to expect.

  • The high schoolers have it pretty easy since they're mostly self sufficient, however you'll have to download so many apps and create plenty of different accounts. Teams, Canvas, and more.
  • These apps are different than the typical Zoom call they have to join, so they have to be on that with the other apps running at the same time.
  • PE and Dance still go on, Layla even has to dress out for them to show she's about to actually do the activities.

And when it comes to kindergarten...

  • Be patient! Having 15-20 four-year-olds on a Zoom call is as tough as you'd think it be!
  • Sometimes the teacher doesn't know how to mute or control the calls either, so you may have several different little kids popping up on your screen while the teacher is trying to teach. The mute button is your friend.
  • If you accidentally crash another parent and teachers Zoom call, like Priscilla did, try to duck out of it fast! Everyone is learning here so accidents will happen.
  • Expect hiccups, and give the teachers some grace! They're doing their best and in a totally new space themselves.

Best of luck to all parents, teachers, and students out there! We hope this quick intro helps ease you into the online learning.

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