Priscilla’s Disney World Experience

We are back! Whoo, was Disneyworld a blast and do I have a recap for you! So, let’s just jump in!

AIRPORT- First and foremost, the airports in Phoenix and Orlando are PACKED. No matter how much you try, it is unavoidable to follow social distancing.
I’ll be honest, the airports were the moments I felt the most stress/anxiety. We arrived at the airport 2 hrs before our flight and got to our gate 30 mins before take off so allow your self plenty of time especially if you have small children.

TRANSPORTATION- We decided that it made more sense for our party of 6 to rent a vehicle since we were staying at an Airbnb. We rented a Yukon for our party of 6 through Budget. Our Airbnb was 30 min from the airport and about 20 mins from each theme park so it was an easy drive. Parking at the theme parks were $25 a day. Getting to the park from the parking lot was super easy! I would do that again as opposed to resort transportation. It gave us the convenience of going to the grocery store or eating somewhere off property.

AIRBNB- So, we loved the resort we stayed at. The homes were spacious and had plenty of room for all 6 of us. The pool was awesome and had water slides for young kids and a surf area that we thoroughly enjoyed on our rest day. BUT the host of our specific home on the property was terrible. (I believe they’re individually owned) Our owner only offered 1 towel per bathroom for the whole week. They locked the thermostat and would not let us change the temp. They did not provide any trash bags or any dish soap just to name a few things. So, we had to go to Walmart to basically stock a new home. So, I’d recommend finding a different home owner in the resort we stayed at. The name of our resort was SOLARA RESORT!

DISNEY PARK PREP- Okay, here’s what everyone’s wanting to know: How are the parks??
So, the cast members are VERY strict about the mask policy. Don’t for a second think you can have it under your nose or take it off to take a quick sip while you walk or kids in a stroller get a pass, they will call you out within seconds! I personally did not have an issue with it because it’s their job and they were always kind when asking. You are able to take your masks off for a quick photo/video (just not in a ride line) and when you’re stationary and eating or drinking.
I will add, it is HOT with masks. The first half of the first day was hell but once you shift your mindset and realize you’re going to have to wear this mask for the next 4 days you better just deal with it, it isn’t as awful. There will be moments though where you want to die from the heat/masks 🤣
BUT since it’s Disney World, you push through.
Also, I recommend taking ALL of your pictures at the beginning of the day because by noon you are sweaty and frizzy and red and NOT CUTE hahaha
So, I didn’t take a lot of pics because we felt so gross most of the day.

Wear comfortable shoes, prepare for rain, bring in your own water, bring ibuprofen, dress super light, and BRING A STROLLER. ALSO, plan a rest day if you can. We talked to other families that wished they took a rest day. We did 2 parks, rest day, and then did the last 2 days. The walking is indescribable. IT’S A LOT. We probably walked 15 miles a day. Maybe more. So a rest day was so needed.

Disney Park Thoughts- Wait times were not bad at all! The longest we waited for a ride was 60 min. Pandora I heard was normally a 3 hr wait but we waited 60 min tops! There are no shows, fireworks, or parades and a lot of the snack stands are shut down. You have to order your food ahead of time through the mobile Disney app and you have food pick up time windows so try planning ahead. For example- if you are in a ride line for 30 min than order your food while you wait in line and then set your pick up time for when you’re done with the ride.
My two favorite places to eat at were Sleepy Hollow in Magic Kingdom and Flame BBQ in Animal Kingdom. Outside of that, the the food through out the parks was just okay. They had far less specialty snacks because of Covid.
They offer hand sanitizer through out the park which was awesome! But if you can, bring disinfect wipes to wipe tables.

And there you have it!!

Over all it was an amazing trip! Disney always brings the magic! Just be prepared if you’re going any time between April and October, it is HOT and HUMID. And wearing a mask during that time is just not great. And as much as they follow Covid protocols, there are still a lot of people and it’s hard for everyone to comply so be mindful and maybe wait to visit the park if that is a huge concern for you and your family.

Hit me up on instgram if you have any questions I didn’t answer here! @PriscillaOnAir