Are you a Mathew or a Priscilla!

Mathew and Priscilla have worked together for the last 10 years. And over the last 10 years they’ve learned they are wildly different. From the parenting, to their marriage, to just there straight up personalities. And that’s why we love them! But we thought it would be fun to see who you are most like Mathew or Priscilla: Parenting Edition

Mathew’s Parenting:

  1. Tucks kids into bed. Even as middle schoolers
  2. No Junk Food in the house at all! In fact, his pantry is mostly for storage.
  3. President of the PTO club! Creates the parent itineraries!

Priscilla’s Parenting:

  1. Priscilla’s kids put themselves to bed. Even the 5 year old.
  2. ALL the junk food! Do you even have a childhood if you’re not eating refined sugar? 🤣
  3. Attends all kid events but forgets daughter needs black shoes the night before her recital so she spray paints a pair of shoes black and then accidentally stains her daughters feet.

So, what parent are you? Are you a Mathew or Priscilla?

And for fun, we’re going to share a picture of each of their pantries. Take a wild guess who’s pantry is who’s 🤣

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