*WARNING* GRAPHIC PICTURES & VIDEO: Mathew's chainsaw accident

Let's start by saying Mathew is OKAY... 20 stitches later.

Yesterday, Mathew was in his backyard cutting down trees with a chainsaw, and it didn't go according to planned. He had the chainsaw, the tree started falling, he put his hands up to stop the tree from falling, dropped the chainsaw, and backed into it.


Luckily, his family was home. His wife and father in law decided to call 911 after Mathew passed out several times. They tried to get him in the car to drive him to the hospital but after he passed out, they made him lay down in the laundry room and called paramedics.

Once paramedics arrived they loaded him in the ambulance and transported him to Chandler Regional where he got 12 stitches in his fascia and 10 stitches on his leg.

Below you will watch the chain of events starting with Mathew in the ambulance. At the end of the video, you see the moment it happened. PLUS, check out the pictures too. REMEBER- GRAPHIC PICTURES BELOW!

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