This New Bel-Air Teaser Puts A V Dramatic Twist On The Original Theme Song

In the era of reboots and re-imaginings, one of the most highly anticipated revivals isThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The 1990s staple sitcom launched the career of Will Smith from a rapper best known for “Parents Just Don’t Understand” to a household name on his way to being one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars. The iconic series was ripe for reinvention, and after a fan’s concept went video went viral on YouTube, Peacock pounced, greenlighting two seasons right off the bat .Bel-Air Season 1 is expected to arrive next year, so let’s run down everything there is to know about the series.

When YouTube launched back in the mid-aughts, it was meant to be a place where video creators and would-be directors could upload their content to get Hollywood’s attention. The video site has long since drifted away from that original intent, but every so often, along comes a fan-made film that takes Hollywood by storm. That was the case with Bel-Air, a short film released in 2019 by Morgan Cooper, in which he reimagined what modern prestige TV would do with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s concept, resulting in a “dark and gritty” take on the classic comedy.

The video immediately went viral, catching the attention of everyone in Hollywood, including Will Smith. Smith was taken with the concept, so much so it eventually became the basis for a revival of the show from his company, Westbrook Studios, appropriately titled Bel-Air after the video that inspired it.

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