Good Life: How do we fill out an NCAA Bracket?

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The NCAA Tournament features 64 teams that play a single elimination tournament to determine the college basketball national champion. The tournament bracket is separated into 4 regions (East, Midwest, South, West) with 16 different teams per region. Within each individual region, teams are seeded from 1-16. The lower the number seed, the better the team. For example, the 4 individual 1 seeds in each of the four regions are considered the best team in that region. The two seed is second best, third seed is third best and it continues until the 16 seed, which is considered the weakest in that region.

Each region plays until one team is left until only 4 teams remain which is the Final Four. The Final Four is effectively the semi-finals and finals to determine the National Championship.

4 Basic Bracket Tips:

1. Upsets always happen, so feel free to pick a few weaker teams to beat a few of the better seeded teams.

2. Don't go overboard. For example, a 16 seed has never beaten a 1 seed in tournament history. Historically, the best chances for an upset are in the 5 vs. 12 match-ups.

3. Pick single digit seeded teams (1-9) to make the Final Four. Only four teams in tournament history seeded 10 or higher have made a Final Four.

4. Pick a 1 seed to win it all. 1 seeds have won the national championship nearly 60% of the time, easily making it the best bet out of all the seeds.


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