Weird News

Survey Says Millennials Are The Worst Tippers
Man Charged With Making Fraudulent Returns Worth Over $1...
World Cup Celebrations Trigger Earthquake Sensors In Mexico
Invasive Plant Can Cause Third Degree Burns, Permanent Blindness
Watch Football Player Take Out Fan Who Tried To Streak Across Field
Parents May Be on the Hook For 132k Claim After Kid Ruins Sculpture
Drug-Sniffing Dogs Are Overdosing On Opioids
Georgia Woman Strangles Rabid Bobcat When It Attacks Her
Former Football Player Hangs Up Her Pads To Become a Nun
Student With Autism Give Moving Graduation Speech at Texas High School
Two People Fall 34 Feet After Roller Coaster Derails In Florida
Man Arrested After Asking Police To Test His Meth


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