Nordstrom Mom Jean FAIL!

You know who would buy these jeans? Not moms... HIPSTERS! HIPSTERS WOULD BUY THEM. 

Nordstrom's online store is once again making viral waves with an unusual product: window-legged pants dubbed "Clear Knee Mom Jeans."

And they are being sold on for $95. WHAT!!! WHY???? 

The jeans have already garnered several tongue-in-cheek reviews."A successful resolve to the conundrum of maintaining your knee tan. The magnification and reflection will ensure a golden kneecap that knows no seasonal limits," one reviewer wrote."It's like a greenhouse for your knees!" another reviewer wrote. "I love me a sweaty knee. Definitely going to bust these out on a hot summer day, just to watch the condensation build in my knee-windows.""I've been waiting for a product like this for what seems like forever. I like to keep an eye on my knees throughout the day so I've been stuck wearing only skirts and dresses. Now with my Clear Knee Mom Jeans I have a comfortable, stylish pants option in my wardrobe. Also great if your running late and only have time to shave a couple sections of your legs," an alleged customer wrote."A couple years ago when I first started momming I bought the clear elbows mom shirt, and was wondering when they would introduce the pants! I wait no longer and they match perfectly! I can't wait to wear my outfit to the next PTA meeting!" another review reads.Nordstrom previously gained viral attention late last year when Internet users noticed a bizarre product on the site -- a small rock in a leather pouch marketed for $85.


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