New Artist Spotlight - Emily Warren


One of my favorite things about music is finding out when new artists were actually the people behind some of the biggest songs! One of those people is Emily Warren! 

Emily has written songs for the Chainsmokers including one of their biggest tracks featuring Daya called Don't Let Me Down. She wrote various songs for Shawn Mendes off his Handwritten album - Strings, Aftertaste, Air, & Lost. She also Jessie J, Noah Cyrus, Dua Lipa, Alessia Cara, and more! Emily has even received praise from Coldplay after she wrote a song for them.  

She is also a major Styler - aka a Harry Styles fan! She is really inspired by him and his album on top of being inspired by the Beatles and Ella Fitzgerald. 


Now, Emily Warren is taking all her writing experience and channeling it towards her own music! In May, she dropped her latest solo track called Hurt By You

She has also been featured in tracks with Lost Kings called Phone Down in addition to a few Chainsmokers' tracks - Don't Say, Paris, and My Type

If you saw the Chainsmokers on tour recently, you would have also seen Emily belting out her music with the guys! Truly a really cool aspect to the tour if you ask me! It was like their album came to life! 


Funny story about the Chainsmokers' track Paris! A lot of people thought the voice on the track with Drew Taggart was actually Selena Gomez but in fact it was Emily Warren! She is not credited on the song but it is her! She actually also didn't write this song - just vocals!

And currently she is back in studio with the Alex and Drew to work on some new music!!!! Cannot wait to see what they come up with!


Emily Warren has won a few Grammys too! She won a Grammys for the Chainsmokers' Don't Let Me Down for the Best Dance Recording! She also was signed to Dr. Luke's Prescription (Rx) Songs as a writer following her graduation from NYU Tisch School of the Arts. 

Has has already done so much writing and collabs so we are expecting a lot from this girl! Her voice is so different! 



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