Beyonce Is Offering Lifetime Concert Tickets


Beyonce is offering lifetime concert tickets on her Instagram according to Mashable . The reason she is offering this is because she is helping to promote a new plant-based diet called Green Print Project . It is a diet that Beyonce apparently is also doing.

This diet is a 22-day diet that is working to improve our environment by eating plants instead of meats and processed food. The idea of Beyonce and Jay-Z offering lifetime concert tickets is to get people to learn more about this diet plan and if they do, they have a chance to win these incredible tickets!

" Following the publication of a scientific study that advised changing to more plant-based meals in order to keep "the food systems within environmental limits", the singer shared a post on Instagram promoting The Greenprint Project — a website linked to a diet book recently published by her trainer Marco Borges, for which her and Jay-Z provided the intro."

You can learn how much of an impact eating a plant-based diet has on you, your environment, and well if it got Beyonce to look like Beyonce, there might be something there! Learn more HERE !

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