Former Astronaut Mark Kelly Is Set To Run For US Senate In Arizona In 2020


Mark Kelly is about to head out on his new mission - no, not back to space but I guess something like that. He will be following in his wife, Gabby Gifford's footsteps and will be running for Senate in Arizona in 2020 according to AZ Family .

" He will compete in the Democratic primary and if successful, face off against Republican Martha McSally in a 2020 special election. McSally is finishing out the term of late Senator John McCain. She was appointed to the seat late last year by Gov. Doug Ducey."

Kelly is a former astronaut with NASA. His wife, Gabby Giffords, was shot during an event in Tucson in 2011 where they currently live. Due to what they endured following the shooting, Kelly is set to take on gun control legislation big time.

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