Nestle Is Closing Their Water Bottling Plant In Phoenix


Effective immediately, the Nestle water-bottling plant located here in Phoenix will be closing according to Fox 10 .

" In a statement, company officials say they will move the production line to support growth in a different part of the country, and they will provide those affected by the closure with separation packages, based on their years of employment with the company."

This comes after opening the plant just last summer and costing millions of dollars to renovate the plant in the first place. But with the drought, there has not been enough water to keep the plant afloat.

"On Nestle's website , company officials say they had an investment of $35 million on the plant, which includes water recovery systems. In addition, company officials say the water they had expected to buy represents 0.035% of Phoenix's total water use, based on 2014 data, and that they will pay the same rate that other metered commercial water customers pay."

Looks like climate change is to blame.

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