You Can Check Out Real Mummies At Arizona Science Center


Want something cool to do with the kids or something different for date night? Arizona Science Center now has 40 REAL, yes REAL, mummies on display according to ABC 15 .

" The remains of 40 mummified ancient people and animals, including a Hungarian family, and a baby crocodile, are currently on display at the Arizona Science Center in downtown Phoenix. It is part of the Center's latest exhibition, Mummies of the World , which will be open through Sept. 2, 2019."

The mummies come from Egypt, South America, and parts of Europe. Not sure about you, but I have always wanted to see mummies up close!

"People will also be able to see shrunken heads, more than 80 artifacts, including a sarcophagus (a stone coffin), and MUMAB (Mummy of the University of Maryland at Baltimore), the mummified remains of a man from Maryland who was preserved in 1994 using ancient Egyptian techniques."

Tickets for Arizona Science Center are $13-18 and to see the mummy exhibit, it's between $8-$12.


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