Do You Have Enough Willpower To Maintain A Diet?


When it comes to dieting, the idea of going on one sounds good for your body but a lot of work and not so easy with all the temptations near by. Yet, it seems like everyone around you is on one and doing well on it.

You might have heard it takes 90 days to create a habit which in the begins stems from willpower. Do you have the willpower to make it happen in the first place?

"Willpower is a quick-fix solution that can occasionally get you past a hankering for brownies at 4 p.m., but diets that include restriction depend on a mythical idea ofcontrolthat ignores basic human biology: The more we restrict, the more likely we are to fail."

Most diets according to Good Housekeeping, diets wants you to cut things out like sugars, alcohol, carbs, dairy and things like that. Yet, that might be the opposite of what you gotta do!

"Our lives are not made up of meal plans, diets, and calorie counting — they’re made up of experiences that provide enrichment and fulfillment in a multitude of ways. A more holistic approach to better health starts with the way we talk (and think) about food as it impacts our health."

This is how to think of it:

  • It's okay to indulge
  • Make choices not rules
  • Eat meals instead of good/bad
  • Stay hydrated
  • Get tons of sleep
  • Moderation

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