Halsey's Trick For Getting Ready Is High Brew Coffee


Everyone has a way of getting ready in the morning, for work, for school, for a night out, date night, or whatever it might be. And for someone like Halsey who lives her life in studios as well as on the road, it's important to learn what she relies on to get through a day.

According to Fast Company, that thing is High Brew Coffee. It's even at the point where Halsey is investing in the company! It's a serious thing!

“Given my lifestyle with constantly traveling, High Brew was an awesome discovery for me. I could pick them up from the supermarket and store them in my fridge, and because they’re packaged in a can, they’re conveniently portable. I was a big energy drink drinker and switching to the cold brew can, which is again, easily portable, kind of satisfied that former habit, but in a healthier way.” - Halsey said.

If it works for Halsey, it should work for me too right?!

Workout Like Jennifer Lopez
Workout Like Jennifer Lopez
Cause she is bangin'!


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