Lush Has A New Goddess Collection Inspired By Ariana Grande

Months ago we shared that Ariana Grande has inspired a bath bomb at Lush based on her God Is A Woman music video. According to Elite Daily, Lush is actually now releasing a whole collection inspired by Ari called the Goddess Collection cause of course - she is a goddess!

"It is empowering, visually stunning, and also looks like it could be a really fancy new spa treatment, which is why it totally makes sense that Lush would release a bath bomb meant to replicate the video's dreamy scene."

It includes jasmine, rose and sandalwood scents too with heavenly colors. The collection features a bath bomb, perfume, perfume oil, solid perfume and bar soap! If you wanna embrace Ariana in your life some more, here ya go! You can buy some of the products or all of them HERE!

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