You Can Glamp With Barbie's Life-Size Dream Camper


The only way to go camping from now on is with Barbie's Life-Size Dream Camper! According to Travel and Leisure, this is really something you can do!

"From March to December 2019, guests can book an overnight stay at an exclusive suite at the HiltonMexico CitySanta Fe that has been totally transformed to look like Barbie’s Dream Home came to life."

So you can enjoy "glamping" and pretending you are a Barbie Doll for your next vacation.

"It comes with a pink pool cabana, a DreamCamper, and a full display of rare Barbies from the last 60 years."

It apparenly took 20 weeks to make this!

"Barbie loves to travel, enjoys nature and cares about the environment, without forgoing the comfort of the most sophisticated accommodations. Travelers can now join in her dream glamping experience with an in-room DreamCamper that allows guests to travel in style."

This is in honor of Barbie's 60th birthday too! It costs about $189/weekdays and $229/weekends per night.

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