Science Says That 24-Year-Old Are Still Teenagers


As our life expectancy continues to extend, it seems like blocks of your lives are as well including the duration of being a teenager. According to Vogue Magazine, there's scientific proof now that proves 24-year-olds are still teenagers.

"In the future, people might still be called teenagers even though the word teen is no longer included in their age group."

There was a study done back last year in the Child Development scientific journal that found "teenagers today were engaged in considerably less “adult” activities than teenagers in the ’90s."

They also found that technology has postponed development due to social interaction. And of course society.

"For one, the recession and struggling economy has led college graduates straddled with debt to defer major adult decisions such as buying a house, and has even forced many of them to move back into their parents’ homes. The weak economy and greater gender equality have also delayed the age of marriage for many young women and men, and postponed when they choose to have children as well."

Do you agree with this study?

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