Viral Post Malone Dancer Was Invited To Pot Of Gold Here In Phoenix


The dance from 1 Vibe Dance of Mike Alancourt did to Post Malone's Wow that reached 23 million views thanks to Will Smith and Post Malone himself, has found his way to the Ellen Show which if know Ellen, you knew this was bound to happen according to PopSugar!

"A lot of people thought I was 60, I'm only 43, but honestly I just love dancing so much. I have such a good time in the video, and I think that's what people were connecting to,"

The guy is just so slick and has some crazy moves so it makes sense. It also gives me the chills!

And then Posty even gave him a surprise!

He was actually invited to Posty's show at Pot Of Gold In Arizona last Sunday! Did you know that?!

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