Climate Change Is Linked To Worse Seasonal Allergies


Is it just me or are you suffering a lot more this year from allergies? What about people around you? Here in Phoenix it is mostly due to the increased amount of rain we say this past winter and with it starting to get warm, everyone is suffering. The pollen count is higher and all the allergy meds are sold out now. But according to CBS News, the bad seasonal allergies are also related to climate change.

There was a study done through University Of Maryland's School Of Public Health. "Human-induced climate change is changing when plants bloom and when spring begins. Ultimately, it’s leading to more seasonal allergies."

“We found that areas where the onset of spring was earlier than normal had 14% higher prevalence of hay fever,” said Associate Professor Amir Sapkota in the Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health. “Surprisingly, we also found similar risk in areas where the onset of spring was much later than what is typical for that geographic location.”
"Hay fever increases during the spring due to exposure to pollen. An early onset of spring means trees and flowers bloom sooner stay bloomed longer, creating more time for pollen exposure, researchers said"

Interesting huh? It makes sense!

Amber Rose Expecting Baby Boy With Boyfriend AE
Amber Rose Expecting Baby Boy With Boyfriend AE
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