Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Only Lost Because He Forgot What A Vowel Was


How many years do you think Wheel Of Fortune has been on? According to Google, it has been 44 years and it started back in 1975. By now you would think that people would know how the show works since it's a staple. According to Uproxx, apparently the only reason this guy lost the show was because he forgot what a vowel is! WHAT?! For real?!

"One key fact was given to the contestants as Reggie had $6,000 on the board. A previous contestant guessed “Treasure Ghost,” which is uniquely funny in and of itself. But Reggie had extra information at this point: The sound went off that signaled only vowels were left on the board. Pat reiterated that, which means poor Reggie had two reminder that the blanks could only be an E, I, O, U and (sometimes!) Y."

If you are aware, it's A, E, I, O, U. And sometimes Y!

Maybe he was put on the spot and was so nervous that his brain went blank but this should have been a moment he was preparing for!

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