Cape Line Sparkling Cocktails Are The New Drinks You Gotta Try


MillerCoors is thinking outside the box with this new drink concept according to FoodBevMedia. The line is called Cape Line Sparkling Cocktails that features a Blackbherry Mojito, Margarita, Hard Strawberry Lemonade and more flavored drinks in a can.

"The range is created with six ingredients: carbonated water, alcohol from cane sugar, cane sugar, lemon and/or lime juice concentrate, natural flavours, and fruit juice."

Sounds tasty right?!

“Today, people want it all – they want simple and natural ingredients, and flavour without compromise,” said Sofia Colucci, vice president of innovation at MillerCoors. “With 75% fewer calories than a classic margarita and the same bold flavour of cocktails, Cape Line represents the best of both worlds. The beverage landscape is evolving quickly and MillerCoors is committed to offering people what they want. Cape Line hits on a variety of consumer demands – bold taste that does not compromise on being a healthier option.”

It's a healthy alternative to alcohol beverages! Can't get better than that right?!

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