It Could Cost $6,936 To Visit All Disney Parks In 13 Days!


Just imagine taking a 13-day trip to visit all Disney parks. According to HelloGiggles, you can but it will cost you just under $7,000!

"GOBankingRates worked out the cost of a 13-day trip that includes 12 Disney parks and two Disney water parks around the globe. The site’s estimate only includes admission to the parks and the costs of booking a hotel, meaning that airfare, transportation, and most food costs will add a lot more to this hypothetical."

Here are the parks you would see in those 13 days:

That's a whole lot of traveling and Disney but it could be a cool bucket list trip! Is this something you would wanna do?

Monsters, Inc Is Getting A TV Show
Monsters, Inc Is Getting A TV Show
And it's with the original cast!


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