There Is Now A 'Golden Girls' Hot Sauce Line & You Can Collect Them All


Need this in my life so bad! Golden Girls hot sauce is an actual thing and you can collect all four bottles!

Offered by online retailer Always Fits, the hot sauce comes in four varieties, each named after one of the titular Girls: Bea Spicy for Bea Arthur’s acerbic Dorothy Zbornak, Desert Rose for Betty White’s good-natured Rose Nylund, Sicilian Fire for Estelle Getty’s wisecracking Sophia Petrillo and Hot Slut for Rue McClanahan’s adventurous Blanche Devereaux.

According to Bustle,

You can buy each sauce separately for $10 a pop —or,you can just go ahead andget the four-pack, which nets you bottle of each type. Incidentally, the four-pack is on sale for $36 right now!

I need all of them! Who's ready to buy this with me and try them!



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