Jameela Jamil Denies Allegations She Has Munchausen Syndrome

2018 Girlboss Rally

2018 Girlboss Rally

Jameela Jamil took to social media on Wednesday (February 12) to deny accusations she suffers from Munchausen Syndrome. According to WebMD, Munchausen Syndrome is a factitious disorder in which a person "repeatedly and deliberately acts as if he or she has a physical or mental illness when he or she is not really sick."

The accusations began after an Instagram Story thread about Jamil's various medical conditions went viral. The Instagram user cited alleged discrepancies in Jamil's past interviews about suffering injuries from two car accidents, a bad fall, and suffering from the invisible illness Ehler's-Danlos syndrome. Jamil has also spoken about a cancer scare in 2016, overcoming an eating disorder after working in the modeling industry and struggling with her mental health.

"First I’m lying about my sexuality, now I’m now being accused of Munchausen?" Jamil tweeted after the accusations went viral. "By an unhinged idiot who didn’t even realize in all her 'research' that my car accident injury stories are 'different' because they were about TWO SEPARATE CAR ACCIDENTS 13 years apart? You can keep it."

Jamil's critics referred to the fact that her two car accidents both involved running away from bees, which she responded to directly in another tweet. "If the worst thing you’ve got on me is that I ran away from bees which I have a phobia of, twice in 34 years into the road, when bees and roads are everywhere, so that’s not really an extraordinary story... and my allergies/intolerances lessened as I grew older... then lol," she wrote.

Though she took the time to address the viral allegations, don't expect Jamil to linger on them. "I’ve said my bit. I’ve explained and defended every single accusation In my various threads," she concluded on Twitter. "Now if you’ll excuse me I have to get on with a speech I’m writing for the UN. So have fun arguing about how many times YOU think I’ve run away from bees. Or if YOU think I had cancer!"

When asked by a fan why she felt like she had to defend herself from trolls who didn't believe her, Jamil replied "It’s because of my skin colour and my gender.”

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