Millie finally got that bone

If you were listening to the show this morning, this is the photo that we were talking about. Here’s the backstory, every Monday our pool guy comes to the home to service our pool. And our dog Brack usually loses his damn mind. It’s become so obnoxious that we actually put the dog door down and we don’t let him go outside anymore so Dave has started to leave two bones outside of the dog door for both the dogs. Millie has no idea this has been going on because Brack tears out there right away and grabs both bones. The last couple of weeks she’s been hip to it and started to dart out - but keeps coming up short.

BUT NOT today baby. Not today.

Unfortunately for Millie she did not know what to do with the bone, as this would be the first time she’s experienced Milkbone. So she just held it like this for a while. When she dropped it, Breck came over and grabbed it. Next time Millie. Next time.

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