Queen Elizabeth Breaks Royal Tradition While Mourning Prince Philip

On Saturday (April 17), Queen Elizabeth laid her husband of 73 years, Prince Philip, to rest. In the wake of the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral services, it was believed the Queen would be following a number of royal traditions for mourning a loved one. There's one tradition in particular Queen Elizabeth will not be participating in over the coming weeks.

According to the Times, members of the royal family use black-edged stationery after the loss of a loved one in order to indicate their ongoing grief. Queen Victoria followed this tradition after her husband Prince Albert passed away in 1861. She used envelopes with a matching black border, as well.

While Clarence House, the office of Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Kensington Palace, the office of Prince William and Kate Middleton, will follow this tradition, Queen Elizabeth will not. People reports she will instead use her own personalized stationery featuring her crest in black, instead of the usual red.

Though it's not clear why Her Majesty has made this subtle change to an old royal family tradition, it's possible it's her own sweet nod to Prince Philip. The late Duke of Edinburgh was known as a "no-fuss" person, according to People, and would likely not want any special changes made for him.

Photo: Getty