'Sustainable Wine' Is Taking Over Arizona — And, Soon, The Whole Country

Pouring rose wine into a glass

Photo: Getty Images

An up-and-coming champion of sustainability called Page Springs Cellars thrives in Verde Valley. It is a winery dedicated to preserving the planet.

Luke Bernard, the assistant general manager, encapsulates their mission, which is making exceptional wines while practicing responsible farming of the land.

Page Springs Cellars prommotes sustainability through two pillars: solar power and water reclamation.

In sun-soaked Arizona, harnessing solar energy was an obvious choice, culminating in the winery achieving 100% solar power by adding photovoltaic panels to their roof.

Water conservation is equally paramount. They treat and reclaim grey and black water, earning them the status of a zero-water usage farm. A hybrid water treatment system, including artificial wetlands with native plants acting as biofilters ensures that water naturally returns to the table, drip by drip.

However, their commitment extends beyond water and solar power. A dedicated sustainability employee oversees a robust composting program, recycling food scraps, vineyard materials and organic waste generated during grape production. Everything, from pizza boxes to corks, is compostable and eco-friendly.

Nearby vineyards like Alcantara and Javelina Leap are also joining the sustainability movement. They employ cover crops to conserve water, reuse grape waste as fertilizer and eschew pesticides. Each grape, vine and winery contributes to Earth's well-being, one glass of sustainable wine at a time.

This hidden canyon holds not just exceptional wines but a commitment to a greener future.

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