Chrissy Teigen Opens Up About 'Really Special' Vow Renewal With John Legend

Photo: Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen is sharing some heartwarming details about her recent vow renewal ceremony with her husband John Legend. Over the weekend, the couple celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary by returning to their wedding destination in Italy and renewing their vows. While attending the Celebrity "Server for an Hour" Event in Los Angeles on Thursday night (September 21st), Teigen opened up about the special occasion.

“It was really special,” Teigen told People. “Way more emotional than I anticipated, but really so good. And I just feel so lucky and so blessed and in all the corniest of terms. It was so f—ing sweet and amazing.” However, she did add that she didn't spend as much time with Legend as she would have preferred. "On those things, the person that you speak to the least is your husband," she joked. "I'm like, I don't even remember him."

Earlier this week, Teigen shared some intimate photos from the weekend. "I have so many things to share from this insanely perfect and emotional weekend but I still have not been able to put all my thoughts together," she wrote in the caption. "All i can muster up right now is that I am so grateful for our friends, our family and our lives. 💗"

A source described the vow renewal as "very romantic," before adding, "They arrived by boat. ... It was breathtaking to see them still so happy together. [John and Chrissy] came out onto a balcony and greeted all the guests. [John] also held a brief speech later, after the dinner."

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