More Huskies Are In Arizona Animal Shelters Than Any Other Dog

A purebred Siberian Husky dog with blue eyes

Photo: Getty Images

Arizona's animal shelters are grappling with a concerning surge in Huskies seeking forever homes.

AZ Husky Rescue's CEO, Alison Nicolosi, expressed her growing alarm, observing a consistent worsening of the situation. Her organization collaborates with Maricopa County Animal Care and Control (MCACC), stepping in to rescue Huskies scheduled for euthanasia.

Since 2020, they've witnessed the number of Huskies in shelters rise from around 15 to an average of 30-40. This year, the figure has spiked to 80-90, with 112 Huskies currently in MCACC shelters out of almost 900 dogs.

One explanation for this influx is attributed to the pandemic. Many owners adopted Huskies while working from home but underestimated the breed's high energy levels. Huskies require significant exercise, both mentally and physically.

Alaina Muinzer, the Animal Behavior Administrator at MCACC, recommends mental stimulation alongside physical activity. Simple tricks like freezing water in their food can provide mental exercise. Quality time spent with Huskies, rather than quantity, is crucial.

Nicolosi urges potential owners to adopt from shelters rather than breeders. MCACC, in partnership with BISSELL Pet Foundation, is currently holding an "Empty the Shelters" event, waiving adoption fees for dogs six months and older until October 15, encouraging responsible Husky ownership.

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