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You In 22: Get That Promotion With Career Coach Tania Mendes

This week's episode is about KILLING IT IN CORPORATE. I have Forbes Featured Career Coach Tania Mendes join me to talk all things career focused and how to ELEVATE yourself! 

-We talk about The Great Resignation, what is it and why it's A GOOD THING!

-We touch on how women who want a different career or a different role can leave their comfort zone, take the leap, and some tips to do that! 

-She explains why you need a Sponsor, Mentor, and a Coach and we talk about the 4 legs of a chair theory. 

-She shares a piece of very valuable career advice that she once received and still uses to this DAY. 

-And let's not forget MONEY! We all know it's not only hard to ask for money, but to know how much to ask for! She offers advice on how to set your worth, how to know how much to get paid, and how to ask! 

If that wasn't enough, then wait, there's more! She shares all about her 9 to THRIVE 10 week program that gives you even MORE tools and structure to land the job and salary of your dreams! 

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Tania Mendes

Tania Mendes is a Regional Sales Manager in South Florida for a Fortune 500 company where she leads one of the biggest sales teams in the country. Throughout her career she has been able to pivot into different industries; starting out in government and grass roots organizing for the Obama Administration, then Student Affairs in Higher Education, and is now leading Marketing and Sales for a Global beverage brand.   

Tania’s story is a story of overcoming adversity, resilience and grit. She has gone from being $72K in debt as a college graduate making $32k a year to a 6 figure earner, #debtfree, living life on her own terms. She has been able to turn her passion into her paycheck and wears many shoes within her corporate role – Manager, Leader and Diversity and Inclusion Advocate. Outside of her 9-5, Tania is an activist, speaker and Career Success Coach. 

After years of leading teams and witnessing the struggles within the workplace for women of color to advance, Tania decided to become a Career Success Coach. Tania’s mission is to help women of color in the workplace by giving them the tools they need to succeed and lead within Corporate America. As a coach she helps women excel into leadership roles, trains women on how to stay competitive in the job market, how to manage large teams and become experts in negotiation. Her proudest moment is when she sees women transform from being undervalued, overworked and underpaid to thriving in their career, finances and personal lives.

You can follow Tania on Instagram @UnapologeticallyT

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