Day 2 of Southern California Fun

Day 2 of vacation-

This day we decided to go to Universal Studios in Hollywood.

The girls have never been so we thought it would be a fun experience.

So, I’ll start by saying I bought our family of 4 GA tickets (for one day) a month ago.

When we arrived we paid for parking, and it was 3 tiers. Front gate parking, preferred, and general.
We were gonna pay general but the attendant told us it was a 15 min walk from the gate so we chose preferred and that was a 5 min walk if that.
(General parking way $30 and proffered was $45. Front Gate parking was $65)

Once we arrived we realized how busy this day was going to be. Within minutes of us arriving we saw all of the ride lines fill quickly. The first ride we went on was a Harry Potter roller coaster and that wait was already 60 minutes. It was very very hot and after we got off the ride we saw the lines for the rest of the rides were now at least 90 min-200 min wait. We realized that we would only be able to go on like 3 rides at this rate.
So, we sucked it up and went to guest services and paid to upgrade to Express tickets.
Express tickets get you in an express line and I will say, it was worth it. My wallet was hurting at first but when I realized the express lines are FAST, I let it go haha

The longest we ever waited for any ride was 5 minutes tops!
Only thing is, it’s good for every ride once. Which is okay. We didn’t need to go on each ride more than once.

We arrived at Universal at 10am and decided to get the Express at 11:30. With the Express pass we were able to ride every single ride and be done at the park by 5pm! It was great because we had a drive back to San Diego!

ALSO- I can’t believe this but all four of us went on all of the rides! EVEN THE JURASSIC PARK WATER DROP RIDE!
Jax even did it! and listen, did we cry? Maybe. Do we think we’re cool now? Absolutely! Hahaha

I bought the $20 just to have proof forever!!

Another note- a lot of the rides are virtual. I tend to get really bad motion sickness and I have vertigo so I had to skip the last 3 virtual rides cause it spun me out.

After we went on all the rides and enjoyed the shops, we walked around City Walk just outside of Universal Studios and we had dinner. City Walk is just that! A walkway area with lots of shopping and restaurants. Kind of like Downtown Disney!

So our day at Universal was short but we were able to experience everything and I definitely recommend going at least once if you’ve never been!

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