Priscilla's Vegas Tips For Family Friendly Activities

We took our family to Las Vegas! I will be very honest, I was SUPER hesitant because I always had the mindset that Vegas is for adults not kids!!! I still feel that haha BUT I learned there are plenty of things for the kids to do where they will have a blast!!

I will say this isn't a place that I will take my kids to every year as a tradition or a family destination BUT to have them experience it, it was worth it! They had so much fun and I was so blown away by how much they do have that the kids will like! So, below is the list of things we did and the highlighted words are links!

First, we stayed at New York New York Las Vegas. My advice, look on Groupon. We got a deal for $40 a night!

Loved this hotel because they had a little "city" in the hotel with TONS of food options for the family and they had a fun arcade the kids love. 10/10 recommend the hotel for the fam especially if you're booking through Groupon!

Arrived at around 4pm

Walked the strip to check out Excalibur and MGM Grand. This was cool just to take pics and see the lights, structures, stretch our legs out. Nothing extraordinary but worth walking around to explore.

Walked to Hershey's World, M&M World, and Cocoa Cola World. These were fun because these stores are a kids dream! Lots of merchandise, candy, pic opportunities.

We ate dinner at the pizza spot in the little "city" at NY NY and then headed to the arcade at the hotel to end the night!


This day was JAM PACKED!

We started the day exploring and found our breakfast place at Caesar's Palace. It was called Cafe Americano. Food was great BUT VERY EXPENSIVE. About $100 not including tip for 3 meals. My kids don't need 30 dollar plates for breakfast haha but not gonna lie, food was delicious!

From there we decided to walk around and explore more. We ended up at this little outdoor mall area by LINQ hotel

This is where we had the most fun. They have TONS of shopping, restaurants, experiences, exploring! But here is a list of the fun things we did at the out door promenade.




Walked around, took photos, explored the shops, had lunch.

After the promenade we headed to AREA 15 and this place was COOL! Very immersive and kid friendly BEFORE 8pm! haha

Finally we headed to the Las Vegas sign which was fun for the photo op but that's it.

After this we went to the hotel for a 2 hr nap then headed to dinner.

We decided that we wanted to have a "fancy" dinner for the kids and we decided on TAO at The Venetian and they LOVED IT! They were so sweet and made Jax birthday dinner so special and the food was great! On the pricier side but not outrageous. Around $200 for the 4 of us.

To end the night, we ended up at the Museum of Monsters! I will say its about 15 min away from the strip but Jax loved it! A little too much weirdly hahaha! We also bought these tickets on Groupon.

After that, We headed back to the hotel and called it a night! We were up the next morning at 8am and headed home!

All in all, we had a great time and made great memories. I can't wait to go back with them... when they're 21 🤣

If you do go with the kids, have patience, don't be strict with an itinerary or timeline and leave space for breaks or naps!

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