Joey spent more on a sweater than Priscilla did on a tattoo. How did that happen?

Joey interviews Jeremy Piven

Joey interviews Jeremy Piven about his shows at The Tempe Improv as well as all of his roles on Entourage and Seinfeld. Check him out on Instagram: @jeremypiven

Joey goes too far during his wife's pregnancy....

Joey is about to be a father in less than a month and he probably goes too far with his wife this week. Priscilla thinks there is a curse on her which is coming from.....her car. Also, PJ do the big THREE of their favorite Christmas songs!!

Do they serve turkey at Disneyland?

Priscilla and Joey recap their pre Thanksgiving trip to Disneyland and Ray has a dilemma that causes all kinds of issues with people listening!

Priscilla vs. Taylor Swift

Priscilla's week is chaos because of Taylor Swift and Joey had many things happen after his bucket list trip to Green Bay! Plus, we ask about the dumbest way you hurt yourself.

Can someone start a Go Fund Me for Joey's trip this weekend?

Joey is going on a trip this weekend that he has no idea what's happening, and more importantly, has no idea what it's going to cost! We discuss your nanny cam horror stories, plus Non-Biased Opinion!

Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas

Priscilla & Joey talk to Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas about Mix 96.9's show at Celebrity Theater November 30th. Mix is bringing the Black Eyed Peas along with Nicky Youre! You can get your tickets now at

They talk about Black Eyed Peas new album, Taboo's deep connection to Arizona, also Taboo and Joey share a very unique trait when it comes to talking to their family at home.

Your coffee order is ruining the mental health of baristas

Priscilla explains her absurd standard coffee order and Joey takes a four hour labor delivery class! Plus, our non-biased opinion and the BIG THREE of Black Eyed Peas songs!

Tarot Card Reading with Missy's Mysteries!

Priscilla & Joey get a tarot card reading from Missy at Missy's Mysteries in Scottsdale! You can find out everything about her at

Spooky Seasons with Priscilla & Joey!

Priscilla and Joey get spooky with your ghost stories and turning on the heater in the Arizona winter is hotly debated!