Priscilla & Joey - Work Brother & Sister ONLY!

Taylor Swift was seen at Castles & Coasters......probably.

Taylor Swift has taken over the Priscilla & Joey show this week because she's kicking off her tour right here in the valley! Priscilla and Joey let you know what you can expect for the show and what special guest she might bring. Plus, Joey got a gift for his wife that might actually be offensive and PJ's hot topics!

Priscilla might have a life altering procedure in someone's garage

Priscilla is having a procedure done and Joey thinks might be a little shady with it, but you be the judge! Plus, Joey's new baby is outshining him in the most embarrassing way and it's time for the hot topic of tipping!

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The Priscilla & ZADDY Show

Priscilla and Joey (Zaddy) break down how Joey is killing the Dad game now and what parenting hack he thinks he came up with. Also, Priscilla is causing drama on Instagram and at home with her AIR FRYER. Plus, Non Biased Opinion and Millenial Mixtape!

Angry sports are fine as long as they don't put ketchup on a burrito

Priscilla and Joey had quite the breakfast together over the weekend where the "hot food take" was born! Plus, we get into the drama you've dealt with on the youth sports field, and their back with the millenial mixtape!

How has it been one year already?

It's been one year since Priscilla & Joey became a show! This week, Priscilla screws up Valentine's Day for her daughter while Joey goes out on his first date since his son was born. Plus, Non Biased Opinion and the Millenial Mixtape!

Joey may be dropping the ball with his newborn son.

Joey needs some MAJOR advice when it comes to navigating a newborn son and his wife! Plus, Priscilla & Joey surprise a good human with a cash prize. Also, what do you think Rihanna will perform during the halftime show of the big game? Well, Priscila & Joey predict it with their big three!

Priscilla's MAJOR face change!

Priscilla got something drastic done to her face that has Joey shook, plus James is in a huge jam because of the big game and everyone has an opinion on it. Plus, the return of the Priscilla & Joey Mix Tape!

La Morena Lucinda Hinojos - Muralist

Priscilla and Joey chat with La Morena Lucinda Hinojos who is Chicana Indigenous muralist that was was picked to design the official logo for the big game! Not only that, she is from right here in the valley and grew up with our very own Priscilla!

You can check all her work out on Instagram: @lamorena_art

Joey nearly missed the birth of his son

Joey is back from paternity leave and he explains why he almost missed the birth of his son! PLUS, Priscilla is going to a bachelorette party this weekend and Joey thinks that she needs to have a conversation with the bride about bowing out of an activity. Also, the BIG THREE is Priscilla and Joey's Millenial Mixtape!