Tom Brady’s Body Coach, TB12 Co-Founder Shares How to Follow His Diet

Remember when Ryan Seacrest wanted to try #TomBradyFebruary instead of #DryJanuary? The NFL icon’s body coach, Alex Guerrero, joined Seacrest on-air via Zoom on Tuesday, March 2, and shared exactly how you can thrive like Brady too.

Guerrero, who founded TB12 with Brady in 2013, has been working with the athlete for 17 years. Together they follow closely his diet and nutrition, cognitive care and his rest and recovery programs as well as, of course, his workouts.

“He’s mostly plant-based,” Guerrero shared. “But we do mix in some animal protein. … We believe in moderation in all things,” he added. “There just needs to be a balance.”

Credit: OAWRS Zoom

Credit: OAWRS Zoom

So, what else does his diet and lifestyle entail? 

Some of the core nutritional values of the method include eating real food first, a higher-intake of plant-based food, hydration, including essential fats, supplementing accordingly, being smart with caffeine, and managing inflammatory foods like added sugars and fried foods.

Watch back the full interview in the video above to learn more from Guerrero and to find out Brady’s cheat meals, including pizza and dark chocolate. Plus, Guerrero shares a "cookies and cream" protein shake tip!