Why Producer Syd wants the Chiefs to win: Tammy & Andy's love story

Producer Syd is rooting for the Chiefs this weekend, but not because of the Swifties. She's rooting for Chiefs head coach Andy Reid and his wife Tammy's love story.

The two met in college and were married within a year. Now, 40 years and 5 kids later, Andy still calls Tammy his girlfriend. Here's what he said in an interview back in 2021.

"Every day is a special day, I'm telling ya. I call her my girlfriend for that reason. You never lose interest if you do that, right, you guys out there? Call them your girlfriend and you always do special things for them."

Also, Tammy has been rocking the full fur "mob wife" look for years! She also has an extensive quilt collection that's displayed in a museum. Cool. girl. status.

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