YOU in 22: Things You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is not as scary as it seems! But there are some things you should know before considering it!

1. Not all hair can be lasered.

Today’s lasers work by picking up the pigment in the hair. The darker, the better — particularly if you have fair skin. Lighter hair colors such as blonde, red, or gray may not contain enough pigment to be detected and, subsequently, targeted.

2. It's fast and relatively pain-free.

Depending on the size of the area you’re having touched up, most treatments last from just a few minutes to an hour. Additionally, because the laser is used in short bursts, the initial pinprick of pain that could be felt in sensitive areas quickly numbs, making the procedure easily tolerable.

3. Avoid the sun before your procedure.

While a tan is a must in the summer, it’s not ideal for laser hair removal. When you’re tanned, the pigment in your skin more closely matches that of the hair follicle, making it harder for the laser to detect. For better results, try to avoid the sun for a month before your procedure. This makes fall, winter, and early spring are the best time for laser treatments.

4. Don’t expect a completely permanent hair removal outcome.

Laser hair removal is termed by the FDA as “permanent hair reduction.” Regrowth can and does occur. The newer hairs that grow in are typically finer and lighter than the previous hair, making them harder to detect visually. For many, this makes the treatment well worthwhile, but do expect occasional touch-ups to be necessary.

5. You will need more than just one treatment.

Laser hair removal takes multiple sessions because the best time to hit the follicles with the laser is during an active growth phase. This occurs only once approximately every six weeks Not all hairs will be in that active phase at the same time. The average person needs six treatments to see optimal results.

6. Check your medications.

Some medications can make your skin more susceptible to the laser’s beam, which can cause pigment abnormalities or burns. Be sure to review all the medications you’re taking with your laser hair removal provider before your first appointment.


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